Dance floor monograms

by Sign Supermarket December 13, 2016

Since Levi Daniels from Perth Dance Floors (website) (facebook) was referred to us by wedstyle (website) (facebook), we’ve received a lot of inquiries through him about making dance floor monograms.  We were very pleased when one of our monograms briefly showed up on 7 News, being tested to destruction in a Greek style plate smashing frenzy choreographed by Carmelo Pizzino from Dancing with the Stars.  The mash-up music video, produced by Everafter Productions (website) (facebook), has become a bit of a viral hit in Australia.

Click here to see the video posted on Everafter Productions’ facebook page.

Dance floor monograms are a popular decorative item for weddings and other important parties and functions.  They are an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to a classy dance floor.

We can make dance floor monograms from a variety of durable films.  Our most popular film by far is gloss black, but we have a large variety of colours as well as metallic and sparkling films.

If you’re interested in having a dance floor monogram made, get in touch and let us know your requirements.


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