WA Timber Decking Vehicle Signage

by Sign Supermarket November 15, 2016

Today we installed some vehicle signage for Paul from WA Timber Decking.  Vehicle signage is one of the most cost effective ways to expose your business.  If you are already driving all over the place, you may as well bring a mobile billboard with you.

The artwork was designed to go on a white background, so we made a secondary version with some of the text colours altered for a silver vehicle.  It’s often a good idea to have some variations on your company artwork that suit different backgrounds.

Bonnet decals have a far lower life expectancy than decals applied to the doors or even windscreen.  The extra heat from the engine and the constant direct downward UV from the sun are very hard on them.  For these reasons, I generally discourage them.  Even so, Paul likes the look of them very much.  He feels that the extra advertising space is worth it.  Looking at the ute now, it’s hard to disagree.

We find that a lot of utes have aluminium or alloy trays that aren’t well suited for signage.  They have a lot of right-angle dips and ridges.  These are great for the rigidity of the tray, but aren’t much good for applying decals.  I generally recommend riveting some Colorbond steel panels over them.  It’s a cheap and effective way of getting a bit of extra advertising room on the vehicle.  This is practically necessary for the tailgate.  It’s often the only room available on the back of a ute for advertising.  You can always put a one-way vision sticker over the rear windscreen, but then it’s often blocked by the equipment in the tray.

There’s a lot to consider when designing your vehicle signage.  There’s obviously a huge amount of variation in vehicle shapes, sizes and available panels for advertising.  Get in contact with us if you would like to discuss options for your business.

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